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Friday, June 1st, 2007

Well, it’s Friday. Again. How exactly that happened, I don’t know. (Think I read something in a book once about the earth…rotating(?) but I think that’s bunk.)
The move went smoothly and I’m in full on nesting mode. My bedroom has been painted and the living room’s almost done as well. Kitchen’s all unpacked and most of my 80 bajillion clothes are washed and put away…

Only my drawing room left. *peeks in cautiously*

Oh my god. Uh, tomorrow. I can deal with that tomorrow.

I’ve been doing things on my own for years now; product of being an only child, I guess. I can’t help it. But it wouldn’t hurt to ask for a hand every now and then. I was stressed as hell on Sat. and it was only after someone graciously allowed themselves to be drafted into active duty that I realized it doesn’t always have to be that way.

Yeah, I know. I'm slow.

Anyway, lesson for the future.

Happy Friday! Mebbe I'll see some of you this weekend ^_^


Oh, yeah. Also? It's Lol Hobo day!


Yes, I know. I'm going to hell.
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