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"I think I should understand that better, if I had it written down"

Life is almost too random for words right now:

Get home, realise it is garbage day. Take out trash.

See neighbor walking to car, don't say 'hi,' then think better of it, turn around.

Engage in discussion.

At end of discussion, have job offer to help organize conference promoting awareness of South Africa within Afro-diaspora.

In South Africa. And New York. And France.

Return inside.

Check Life Player. Is indeed set to "Random."

Leave as is...

"It's been a funny sort of day, hasn't it".
buck-tick: taboo

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*dancing happily*

Three weeks, seven headaches, and copious amounts of Jeeves and Wooster later… the porting is officially done!

M, we shall have to go out and shower ourselves with congratulatory spirits. ^_^


A long update is in order, but I ain’t doin’ it. Briefly, this is how life’s been:

Peaches and The Eagles of Death Metal: Fantastic.

Trip down to the states: Fantastic.

Life in the new apartment: Fantastic.

Sunday hiking on Mt. Royal in good company: Fantastic.

Tempeh burgers, Swiss chard and wild rice: Fantastic.

Redundant journal posts: …Super-Fantastic!

The mind still churns and the stress levels are still inexplicably high, but I feel good, so who cares.