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"X, share with your sister!"

Posted these on FB a while ago, but don't want to neglect the LJs.

Ill Doctrine, one of the most interesting and entertaining vloggers I've come across in years, tells us why though he's psyched Obama's president, he isn't satisfied.

If you like his style, I highly recommend checking his other vids. He'll make you feel that maybe Youtube isn't SUCH a massive waste of bandwidth after all.

How to Tell People They Sound Racist -- This is a particularly good one.

"First!...aw...First fail..."
Enka is a particular, very traditional, style of Japanese pop. *hums a bar of Tôkyô nagaremono* This AA dude, Jero does it sooooo well, and that blows me away.

The world is getting smaller, indeed!

get crunkay!

Onakaga tsuitteru...

EDITED: Because LJ is too lame for words and cannot handle nested tables..For the win..

J-box, is my kryptonite. Somewhere between the egg-shaped staplers, homages to pedophilia, R2 soy sauce dispensers, and floating poo bath lights (yes. they exist, but I can't find the link anymore), I stop wondering "why??" and start wondering "..why not?"

But today I was on a mission. I've been sick again and haven't been eating much, so I thought I would stockpile a bunch of tasty treats to enjoy when it all blows over.

Where to begin?

With names like Spash(!), Pocari Sweat(!) (does not contain actual sweat), Dr. Bean(!!) and Mushroom Mountain(!) the decision was a tough one.

In the end, I went with one of each of the following:

Mushroom Mountain: Almond and macadamia nut chocolate snacks
Black Black: Caffeinated gum sticks
A bag of Pepper Bacon Cratz
Watering Kiss Mint Gum in Black Berry flavor
and 2 packs of Tsubu Tsubu Hi-chew -- Chocolate Banana Parfait

Only a staggering 12.25 for what I anticipate will be explosion upon explosion of randomized deliciousness.

Reviews to follow, but in the meantime, let me once again profess my undying love for Japan!
watari tetsuya

So they tell me you’re a film star..

I’ve resorted to the numbered list thing again to keep this post organized-ish. You will also have to use the built-in Xxxtreme Time Travelling Devices in your brains as this dates aaall the way back to last week…*wavy-lines wavy-lines wavy-lines*

1. Monday, June 19
Mayumi, the friend of a friend of my father’s runs a small business from her home which consists of hosting Japanese guests for several weeks and showing them around the city (though she lives in The Land Beyond the Wastes). She figured that when one of her guests asked to brush up on her English, she should call on the talents of a language tutor. Somehow, heh, she got my number. So last Monday I had my first session with her guest, Lie, and it proved to be a lot of fun. I stayed for super afterwards and watched in amusement as the two women got drunk on two glasses of wine. Being a lightweight myself, Japan is increasingly looking like an attractive confidence booster…

2. Tueasday. June 20
More English lessons and merriment on day two of the conversation exchange. When I ask her what she does for a living, she answers by holding up her left hand and saying, “Oh, I’m married.” Some of my university learning came flooding back* as I smiled politely. That night, after leaving with another piece of delicious lime cheesecake and a promise from Mayumi to help me with my Japanese, I drive back downtown with my parents.

3. Thursday, June 22
Saw. Wesley. Crusher. Only he didn’t call himself “Wesley Crusher,” he was all like, “call me Wil Wheaton**” and stuff. About 50 or so sweaty nerds showed up to sit on foldable chairs and listen to stories about Land Speders! and the Teen Titans. It was weird, but fun. It was also a little surreal, but because the image I have in my mind of him isn’t far past puberty, it wasn’t as odd as it might have been. Kind of like meeting his older brother…

Later, I tagged along with messiahdivine and jimmysworld to the classy, classy joint known as Coasters. Drank some beer and had a really stimulating conversation. Seriously, it was heavy. “Race,” politics, religion…we covered it all, baby. cloquewerk joins us at some point and we drink more beer. At around 12:30 we part, Jimmy chivalrously walks me home, and more bitter humor ensues.

4. Friday, June 23
After work, M and I joined Mark and Will at their place of work for some projection screened episodes of Dr. Who. After a bit of a kafuffle, much needed Chinese food arrived and we watched as Lila and The Doctor kicked the pants off of The Sun Makers. Good times.

5. Saturday, June 24
Most of the day is spent sleeping.

Head over at about 10pm to the Maz in NDG to meet belfana, iopha, rubythirtythree, sc0rpius, messiahdivine, and cloquewerk and celebrate fordcov’s advancing decrepitude. Set a new personal best in drinking (about 7 glasses of beer in and I was only starting to feel wobbly). It was a fabulous late, late night. At a certain point I stupidly suggested a friendly game of air hockey, promptly got pwned and sat the rest of the ensuing tourney out. Fun Fact: rubythirtythree spent several years in seclusion obsessively perfecting her AirH skillz!

At around..um 2, or something…maybe 3…a few of us head over to Iopha’s place (uh, the roof to be exact) to ooh and ahhh over the M1. mark my words: It is the future of pyrotechnic weaponry.

6. Sunday, June 25
Get home at around 4…watch some Little Britain to clear my head. Go to bed drunk. And proceed to forget the hell out of the rest of the day…

7. Monday, June 26
Lie comes downtown for our last lesson and we wander around window shopping and laughing about how everything in Canada has too much sugar in it. When it comes time to say goodbye, even though we’ve promised to meet up again someday in Yokohama (where she lives), I get a little verklempt. We take a couple of pictures and say goodbye, fighting back girlie tears. I always get this way when saying farewell to acquaintances who live far away. Something in the situation reminds me of how painfully uncertain life is. “I’ll see you someday.” Isn’t a promise, it’s a wish…

Boite Noir calls to me on the way home and I stop off to pick up a few videos. (Hard Core Logo, Little Britain the first series, and Dr. Akagi).
I find out upon my return that Pam has broken up (finally, fuck!) with Niko.

8. Tuesday, June 27
Back to work. Sigh. Buy an ipod after work and spend a pleasant evening with M & M drinking sangria at Veranda and admiring the waitresses. More excellent conversation.

Get home to discover Pam has un-broken up (again..) with Niko.

9. Wednesday, June 28
Waste an hour or so updating LJ…

Now you know.

*Apparently, upon getting married, some women in Japan feel societal pressure to quite their full time jobs and become a housewife. Lie, for example, temps from time to time and travels around the world (without her husband…!).

**He had very complimentary things to say about our stinky city on his blog…
due' le quartz: miyabi:niban

Big in Japan

I’ve come across this issue in several places, journals, blogs and etc. This is not simply the totalitarian-capitalist horror scenario that some people have talked it up to be, but it still raises some interesting questions regarding laws that ostensibly benefit the people but benefit the economy more…

Japan to restrict sale of old electronics.

My own particular political and social leanings prevent me from thinking this is in any way a good idea, but you make up your own minds…

Full list of regulated electronics

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