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Happiness is:

Finding a like-new hydraulic drafting table on CL for 240 bucks WITH a mayline *squirms with delight*

The guy selling it was not at all pushy and though I now have to trek all the way out to the East end, I consider it a great stroke of luck.

These things can run upwards of 400 dollars + tax and this one is particuly nifty as I can fold it up for storage. Yay!!
tilda: gabriel

Just so no one thinks I'm lying when I say I have whack-loads of work to do...

This is the latest peice in my long list of assignments. I loved doing it because, well, I love the man in it. What a muse...

Tom Waits
Clayboard etching
February 19, 2007


Should be posting more as they get completed.

Now if I can only get somebody to pay me for having all this fun... ;p