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Wednesday, March 28th, 2007

The hunt for an apartment is sadly not going very well*. Either I don’t hear back from prospective landlords, or the place just isn’t up to par. This is due to one of two things:
Maybe it’s too early. A month or so down the line and I’ll be dripping with potential lodging space..
My criteria are unreasonable.

At the moment, I’m subscribing to the “’little bit of column A, ‘little bit of column B” point of view. Just in case, should anyone spy a 4 ½ in NDG no more than 10 blocks from Vendome that looks like it gets decent sun (i.e. at least one window that doesn’t look out onto some random brick wall) please to be letting me know. ^_^

*Happily, my hunt for Red October is! It’s either at my parent’s place, or has fallen behind the fridge..
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