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Wednesday, June 27th, 2007

Because it's funny

So I was lying awake last night and I suddenly found myself in the throws of a "what if I died" moment. This wasn't the kind of existential brooding which also haunts the night hours, when your mind flails against concepts like "infinity..." and "nothingness..." It wasn't even one of those, "I wonder who would cry at my funeral" things. No, this was of the "I bet it would take them several days to find my body" variety. And really, it was only a matter of time before these thoughts started.
I've been living alone for about a year now, but until recently entertained the fancy that my roommate in absentia could still be relied upon for things like picking up my mail or...discovering my lifeless corpse.
But now there's only one name on my lease. And my boss might just think I was sick. The weekly phone call to my parents would be missed, but lovingly dismissed as me having a life. Hah.
Three to four days. That's how long I figure it would take for mild curiosity to bloom into knocking-on-the-door concern.
Let's pause for some science, shall we?
An advanced state of decomposition is reached in temperate countries after about four to six days, much faster in the tropics and slower in cold or dry conditions. [1]
Current Montreal temperature, 41 degrees.

Maybe I should get a cat. The mewling as it pined over my cold husk should be enough to alert the neighbors..and at the very least, maybe it would get hungry and eat me before things deteriorated too badly.

Well, that's lunch! I'm famished...
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