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black books: I ate all your bees

Hello, I am foreign language study, please where is the library, please?

Hóla, me llamo Claus. Soy estudiante. ¿Sabes donde está la escuela de idiomas?
-The opening lines of my grade 7 Spanish book.

In this multicultural world of ours, it's more important than ever to learn another language.

失礼します Excuse me; I'm sorry
-First lines of my Level 1 Japanese book.

Lesson 1: Parlez-vous français?

Flight of the Conchords - Foux Da Fa Fa

Lesson 2: Esto no es una canción del amor

1 Semester of Spanish, Spanish Love Song

To be thankings go to, rubythirtythree for sharing joy that is Flight of the Conchords