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Monday, October 2nd, 2006

A Posting: A-Chronological

I was mortally wounded on Saturday. Death was closing fast and I could feel life seeping out through the gash in my neck. Thank the God of Thunder that Thagdahl came to my aid to bind up the ragged flesh.

For my first foray into role playing, I’m not sure whether to be pleased, or a little worried. 6 hours of scotch and madrigals later, we wrapped up and I left feeling happy, but a little uninspired by my character. More tweaking is necessary.

I am sooo glad I hauled my butt out of the house and down to the Covenant show last night. *drools a little* it was fantastic. Such a sweet group of guys. Aside from their undeniable class, they also seemed to genuinely enjoy themselves; bouncing around to the music without a smidgen of pretence or useless melodrama. Waiting in the chill damp outside the venue (Les Saints gets 0 points for crowd control), messiahdivine and I entertained ourselves by being alternately catty, and whiny as 5 year old children. It was fun *big grin*

I almost didn’t make it though. Earlier in the evening, about half way to Zaz bar to catch a repeat of the Orchestre Macadame by which Missy and I were wowed a couple of weeks ago, I had yet another itchy-sweaty-convulsey allergy attack. This sucked, obviously, but what sucks all the more is that I have no clue what triggers it. Last thing I ate were some (delicious) pakoras from Dad’s… boo. For caution’s sake, I’m swearing off them for a while. Ditto with their samosas…maaaaybe. Those things are good. Heh.

Friday was a blur, but I do remember sushi at Takara with messiahdivine, cloquewerk, and wlach…I think we got a little rowdy, but meh, whaddaya want? It took the waitress a full hour to acknowledge our presence, after all. Then it was back to NDG for Brotherhood of the Wolf.

Work is almost done and I’m eager to head home and start patching up the slightly damaged relationship with my body. Soooooo..tiiired…*plunk*

Oh, right. Homework.

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