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Wednesday, March 28th, 2007

Media Overload..Media Overload..Media..Over..over..load. M-M-Media Over... Attention: System Failure

Recent circumstance* have induced me to watch a ridiculous number of movies in the past week. Old Favorites, new jems and utter crap. I watched it all.

Here’s what I could dredge from my memory:Collapse )

Whew. I particularly recommend Kiss Kiss Bang Bang and Harakiri.

*1. I was sick as a dog over March break, and 2. work bores the hell out of me.


I also made some additions to my music library. On one of my voyages to Torrent World I snagged the “Gothic-Industrial Tribute to the Smashing Pumpkins” Not really sure what to make of it; these are not bad covers, by any means, but neither are they spectacular. It’s just so hard to add something to an original song. In my opinion, Pig does it best with 1979. The Rosetta Stone and Guenter Schulz offerings aren't bad, either. (Contemplating heading to Toronto to catch Les Pumpkins at the Virgin music fest along with Bjork…Maybe others are interested aussi? Ticket just went on sale.)
The newest Angelspit, Krankhaus (not bad), and a Dick Dale compilation (fantastic) rounded out the set. Angelspit is a little cheesy but I enjoy their energy and the female vocals. As for Dale, the undisputed “King of the Surf Guitar”, when we were in New York last year, we missed the chance of seeing him at CBGB and I have nothing but regret..

Full Pumpkins Tribute, some Angelspit and Dick Dale selections uploaded to Mp3Munday.
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