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the horrorpops: patricia

I said, HELL YEAH!!

wow. just… wow.

the standard has now been set. let’s see who can jump over this high bar.
kudos to the horropops for putting on a damn good show. The opening punk band, left alone, from CA USA were also very good.

hopefully simon, who fearless braved the front of the stage, camera in hand, will post some of the excellent pictures he took of the pops and their cute cheerleaders.
overall the night was friendly (montreal seems to be a decent moshpit city), with the notable exception of the pretty, but incredibly drunk lady who offered me a drink she SWORE had “pas de drogues dedans” then proceeded to get into a messy brawl with an unsuspecting fan …hah

club soda is proving to be a lucky charm, as this is also where we all were introduced to the magnificent devotchka last year..