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Friday, December 8th, 2006


You watch movies, right? Well, then this should be funny to you.

M sent me this link to movie clichés that should die! If I’d been drinking something, I would’ve spit it out. As it is, I had trouble breathing through the laughter.

A couple of my favorites:

7. The elaborate hacking-through-a-virtual-world scene
These scenes desperately want you to think that OMG HACKING LOOKS AWESOME!!! That hacker is so skilled! He can navigate through the mainframe's virtual world and find the little hidden box he needs to click on! Bravo, hacker. Bravo.
As seen in: Antitrust, Jurassic Park, Swordfish, Hackers
Why it's lame: This is what real hacking is like: Type type type. Type type. Type. It's a bunch of lines of code, and it's a terribly uninspiring interface. Visual interfaces are for old ladies who need to drag and drop a ginormous image of their dog Muffins to a folder. They're not used by any remotely good hacker. But since realistic hacking is too boring by Hollywood standards, we're subjected to faux-cool "virtual" hacking. Bleh.

19. Unnecessary repetition
In case you didn't hear it once, the character will take the liberty of repeating one or two lines of the sentence for emphasis. How thoughtful!
As seen in: Babe ("That'll do, pig. That'll do"), Showgirls ("For this! This!"), An Officer and a Gentleman ("Cuz I got nowhere else to go! I got...nowhere else to g...I got nothin' else!")
Why it's lame: Yeah, we heard you the first time.

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