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Friday, November 17th, 2006

But wait, there’s more!

In a recent torrent hunt, I clicked on a banner hovering atop mininova.org because it simply looked too ridiculous to be true.

Pheroline claims to be a distilled pheromone cologne. Spray a misting of this stuff over your body and brace yourself as the women flock to you. To quote their 'science page,' “They won't know you're wearing them, but subconsciously, these pheromones will communicate you are sexually attractive and stimulate lustful desires in women.” Before you call it bullshit, take note that this is just “As seen on TV!” So you know it’s good.

I think my favorite bit is where they say it “levels the playing field.” Like dating was a game of football where women are 250lb bruisers and men, gamey-legged little girls.

I never quite believed there were people dumb enough to fall for this kind of twaddle, but I stand amused and corrected.

..And also a little intrigued. It’s such a fantastic claim that I feel almost tempted to try some. But reason wills out, of course, and so does the fear that what I’d get would be a bottle of Sex Panther*..

_watchtower_ Product Rating: 5/5! for sheer balls..

* For inquiring minds:



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