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Friday, March 3rd, 2006


Just wanted to say thank you for last night! It was lovely to have dinner with you (and makes me realize I should really arrange for this to happen more often…). I got a decidedly warm and fuzzy feeling inside and appreciated your thinking me. I’m glad the sushi went down so well, it can make for a pretty rocky food-first-date.
And to anyone unable to make it or who didn’t know it was happening, no worries; it was a last minute think and there will be more party action in the (hopefully) very near future!
-- A special ‘thank you’ from me and my stomach to M&M for treating us ^_^ --
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Thursday, March 2nd, 2006

You’re not dead yet?!

I’m 24 today, but I seriously didn’t remember until messiahdivine came up to me and wished me a happy birthday…heh. I now understand my parents who routinely have to take a couple of minutes to figure out how old they are. I don’t know why I don’t care, but there it is…

Interesting facts:

On this day in blah, blah, blah:
1991 - The United Nations voted that Iraq must disclose data on its weapons of mass destruction.
-Well, at least that worked out well…

Also, born on this day: Lou Reed and Dr.-fucking Suess!! Sadly, for me and the rest of the world, so was Bon Jovi…Collapse )

But wait before you sing
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