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There's an À Louer, 4 1/2 sign in front of my building.

Assuming that my landlord isn't being the most passive aggressive person alive, that means my upstairs neighbors are moving out....

Wondering: Should I inquire about moving up there? My lease in this apt. has already been renewed, but as most of you know, I hatehatehate living below people. Especially people with rottweiler-pittbull mixes. Who listen to boom-boom music and do laundry at 1:30 am.


EDIT: It looks good! When people call, he'll say that both are for rent, but the one upstairs has no fridge/stove. However, if I moved up there, the current tenants might leave those appliances there for me. And I must also try and find someone to take my apt...

But, it's worth it.

Oh so worth it. CL, here I come!

CL, here I am!
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I have a new place!!

663. 4 1/2 in NDG, just 3 blocks or so from Vendome. Newly renovated. Washing machine. Quiet, friendly neighbors. Deep, deep tub in the bathroom. I think there may even be room for my upright piano...Move-in date May 1st.

I...am ecstatic. Wish me luck getting to sleep tonight :)


Edit: Called and emailed her back to say I wants it...now we twiddle our thumbs and hope for a timely reply.
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The hunt for an apartment is sadly not going very well*. Either I don’t hear back from prospective landlords, or the place just isn’t up to par. This is due to one of two things:
Maybe it’s too early. A month or so down the line and I’ll be dripping with potential lodging space..
My criteria are unreasonable.

At the moment, I’m subscribing to the “’little bit of column A, ‘little bit of column B” point of view. Just in case, should anyone spy a 4 ½ in NDG no more than 10 blocks from Vendome that looks like it gets decent sun (i.e. at least one window that doesn’t look out onto some random brick wall) please to be letting me know. ^_^

*Happily, my hunt for Red October is! It’s either at my parent’s place, or has fallen behind the fridge..
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We salute you, young Olympian!

Well, thanks to the warmer temps., the game seems to be over:

Final Score:

Celia: 1, Ice: 0

But just barely. Seriously, it could have gone either way. Where the $%#@ was the salt man?!! (And don't give me that, "We put it down, but it blew away" crap.) Hey, Cityworks! NaCl Check it out!

The hunt for an apartment is on. We're seeing a few this week and hopefully have started early enough to buy ourselves some leisure time. I have pretty high hopes and am notoriously picky when it comes to stuff like this. But I'm exceited beyond belief for I can finally say goodbye to fosilized animal carcasses and abandoned bundles of refuse in the stairwell! Huzzah!

Hopefully, lower NDG will offer us something good.

In other news: "Small Child Mauled By Bear. Cries."


Also, I have uploaded some of the pics I'm going to be submitting next week by way of a portfolio application. Finally got my bum in gear and thought you might like to see what I've been whining about.

LJ is being it's usual bitchy self, so I can't seem to link to them here, but you can check them out in my gallery...

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Bitch-lady (or 'Martine', if you don't hate her as I do) was just complaining in the hallway of our building to a friend about two "annoying neighbors" on account of whom she will be moving out.

I have every reason to believe she was referring to Pam and I (or to one of us at least).

Suffice it to say we have not, in fact, been bad neighbors. We tried to accommodate her and failed. The problem is hers.

Good riddance.

In an act I can only describe as pure childishness, I am now playing Ich Bin Ein Auslander. At volume level 22. With the speakers on the floor.
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