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What will they think of next?

Ever bliss-out to a song you love? Ever wish you could express that love, er..carnally? Of course you have, and now you can! Some engineers with quite a lot of brains, but probably too much time on their hands, have developed the ultimate iPod accessory.

Vibrator for audiophiles

Once I stopped laughing, and started breathing again, I pondered the idea..

What would make the best song? What might make for the right sensation would probably not set the greatest mood..I doubt anyone slips on the old Combichrist before turning the lights down low. And the results of their suggestions (Snoop Dogg? Shakira?!) were too distasteful to contemplate.

I settled on Massive Attack’s album, Mezzanine for it’s fine, fine mix of mood and driving beats - pretty much anything by Tom Waits came in a close second. Sadly, other favorite artists such as Venetian Snares would likely result in electrocution..

_watchtower_ Product Rating: 3/5*

*All ratings based on purely speculative results and utterly subjective criteria such as, ‘how hard it made me laugh.’