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Please to be offering of the advice.

My new place is pet-friendly and I'm faced for the first time in a while with the companion conundrum: what to get? what to get? what to get?
I've ruled out a cat (I know, I know...but my allergies haven't actually disappeared and'd get the better of me). And dogs are dirty. (sorry, but that's the truth)

I'm quite intrigued by reptiles, but have never cared for them before, so I'd want an easy start. Advice and suggestions from those of you with experience would be greatly appreciated!

Currently on the ballot are:
Leopard Geckos
Corn Snake
Jesus Lizard
Ball Python (I've got great memories with these guys, but they get quite big and I'm not sure my place could accommodate the tank)
King or Milk Snake

Other runners up:
Guinea pig

Write ins:
Sugar Glider