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buck-tick: taboo

Fight like a girl!

The world has a new PFL champion!
Long live Boozy Suzy!

It was pretty intense. These girls were not joking around. Well, OK yes they were, but they were also taking some pretty hard knocks.
It was like watching WWE without all the spandex and vaseline. And men. But in case you were wondering, no, it wasn't hot. Heh.

The outfits were ridiculous and they all get props for staying in character. My favorites were Trashley and tag team buddy Vic Payback, but Boozy Suzy, the title challenger, gets mad bonus points for reminding me of Starbuck. A couple of roller derby captains volunteered to go at it too and summarily walloped the crap out of each other. Basically it was all fun 'n games, though I sensed a pretty strong undercurrent of tension at the start of the main match between reigning champ, ChamPAIN and Boozy. I don't think they had a real beef with each other, but there seemed to be something amiss and ChamPAIN had several hushed and hurried discussions with the organizers. They also took it more seriously than the other girls, and I got the feeling there are some definite clique dynamics in the league.

All in all, though, a very good night.

Next on the sports calender: Roller Derby, May 19th. at Arena St. Louis!

_watchtower_ Event Rating: 4.5/5