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Postscript of Light

2 March 1982
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perpetual student. compulsive drawer. music fiend. recovering pessimist. hopeless idealist. multimedia artist. giddy explorer. irreverent joker.

I am also, Nick Hornby-style, quite fond of lists. Temporary though they are, there is something vaguely comforting about them.

Today's, top 5 all-time favourite sounds:

Middle Eastern chanting
rainfall in a forest
pages being turned in a library
the laughter of a friend
crows in late afternoon

runners up:

cars on wet street
the crackle of a record player

What I've just been listening to:

50's style, akira kurosawa, alice in wonderland, anarchism, art, battlestar galactica, billy bragg, black, black books, blade runner, bonfires, brit coms, bruce lee, bruce mcdonald, buck-tick, buddhism, carnivale, cbc radio, classical music, clint eastwood, comic books, compassion, conscious hip hop, covenant, crying at movies, cyberpunk, david bowie, david coe, depeche mode, devotchka, dj krush, doo-wop, douglas adams, drawing, dresden dolls, dusk, elfquest, et nox facta est, evil genius, eyes, firefly, flight of the conchords, frida kahlo, geeks, gene wilder, ghost world, gladiator, graffiti, h.p. lovecraft, harold and maude, harry potter, hellboy, home movies, illustration, industrial, japan, jazz, jon lajoie, kate bush, kids in the hall, laughing with friends, led zeppelin, lord of the rings, love, marjan mozetich, men, metal, michael greyeyes, mike mignola, mix cds, monty python, motorcyles, mount royal cemetery, movies, muse, neil gaiman, neuromancer, old photographs, oldboy, orlando, perfect order, period dramas, philosophical bounty hunters, photoshop, playing piano, poetic terrorism, poetry, psychobilly, punk, queen, rain and thunder, red dwarf, regina spektor, religion, rick mercer, sarcasm, sci-fi, sesame snaps, shaun of the dead, sigur ros, silver jewelry, ska, sky scrapers, smiles from strangers, star trek, star wars, steampunk, sunshine, surf guitar, sushi, t.a.z., tad williams, tai chi, takashi miike, the breakfast club, the crow, the decemberists, the thin red line, the unsettlers, thom yorke, tilda swinton, tom waits, toshiro mifune, total chaos, trains, venetian snares, virginia woolf, visual rock, vnv nation, wes anderson, wikipedia, william gibson, wind chimes, wolverine, women, yann tiersen