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munky haus:blue girls

Extra! Extra!

News you need:
Went out last night with a new friend, Mike. Drinking and nosh at McLean's followed by drinking and music at Barfly. Chased with more drinking and some squeaky cheesed poutine at Katacombs after closing.
A swell night. Mike's a class act, and the show was incredible.

Looking for home-grown pirate ballads? Check out The Unsettlers. They pack as much woeful passion into their sets as the Decemberists and just about as many instruments (maybe more, as I counted an accordion, clarinet, guitar, xylophone, and trashcan lid cymbal!). And Brandes' gruff voice evokes a young Tom Waits. *dreamy sigh* Old concert vid below, but last night they were better.

The band that followed, Golden Hands Before God was also very talented, but not quite what we were in the mood for. Still, these dudes from Windsor delivered an incredibly tight, exuberant performance. I have never seen more intense tambourine playing.

I now desperately want to learn some kind of antique, country instrument, Like a concertina or a dulcimer..

News you might need:
Coreys, noooooooooo!

News you don't need, but're gonna get anyway:
Several of my dreams came true when I discovered that Portia Di Rossi is totally gay.
munky haus:blue girls

Think Locally, Fuck Globally!

Immigrants Arise!

Gogol Bordello is coming Oct. 10 to Club Soda!
For those familiar with them, this is happy, happy news.

I've never been to a Bordello show, but Hutz and his tribe will no doubt bring teh awesome. I mean, how can you not love a man with a posse of émigrés, who growls out 'gypsy punk,' revels in Dada aesthetics, and sports the finest mustache in show business?! How?!

I suspect their manic energy and the world-renowned 'crazy' of Montreal audiences is going collide spectacularly...

Immigrant Punk
Start Wearing Purple (off the superb OST for Everything is Illuminated*)
Nomadic Chronicle

*Ленинград is also worth checking out if you're into the whole Eastern-European punk/ska thing.

Music news

I’m thinking of checking out some of the following and thought I’d mention ‘em in case anyone else is similarly inclined:

Bloc Party Fairly interested
Metrolpolis - March 30

Placebo Mildly curious. I don’t like ‘Meds’, but they remind me of days gone by…
Spectrum - April 7

VnV Nation Yes. Just ‘cause.
Club Soda - April 20

The Streets Will. Not. Miss. It.
Spectrum – June 22

What if…

What if Tori Amos and Bjork fell in love and had a baby?

And what if that baby loved to sing just like her mothers..?

Well, she’d probably sound a little like Regina Spektor.
And she’d probably be coming to Montreal, Oct. 8 ’06..

I will be there, and you should go too.. ^_^

(Mp3Munday at gee mail dot com…password: 1forall)

On the Radio
The Ghost of Corporate Future
Chemo Limo
covenant: brothers

A Posting: A-Chronological

I was mortally wounded on Saturday. Death was closing fast and I could feel life seeping out through the gash in my neck. Thank the God of Thunder that Thagdahl came to my aid to bind up the ragged flesh.

For my first foray into role playing, I’m not sure whether to be pleased, or a little worried. 6 hours of scotch and madrigals later, we wrapped up and I left feeling happy, but a little uninspired by my character. More tweaking is necessary.

I am sooo glad I hauled my butt out of the house and down to the Covenant show last night. *drools a little* it was fantastic. Such a sweet group of guys. Aside from their undeniable class, they also seemed to genuinely enjoy themselves; bouncing around to the music without a smidgen of pretence or useless melodrama. Waiting in the chill damp outside the venue (Les Saints gets 0 points for crowd control), messiahdivine and I entertained ourselves by being alternately catty, and whiny as 5 year old children. It was fun *big grin*

I almost didn’t make it though. Earlier in the evening, about half way to Zaz bar to catch a repeat of the Orchestre Macadame by which Missy and I were wowed a couple of weeks ago, I had yet another itchy-sweaty-convulsey allergy attack. This sucked, obviously, but what sucks all the more is that I have no clue what triggers it. Last thing I ate were some (delicious) pakoras from Dad’s… boo. For caution’s sake, I’m swearing off them for a while. Ditto with their samosas…maaaaybe. Those things are good. Heh.

Friday was a blur, but I do remember sushi at Takara with messiahdivine, cloquewerk, and wlach…I think we got a little rowdy, but meh, whaddaya want? It took the waitress a full hour to acknowledge our presence, after all. Then it was back to NDG for Brotherhood of the Wolf.

Work is almost done and I’m eager to head home and start patching up the slightly damaged relationship with my body. Soooooo..tiiired…*plunk*

Oh, right. Homework.

the horrorpops: patricia

I said, HELL YEAH!!

wow. just… wow.

the standard has now been set. let’s see who can jump over this high bar.
kudos to the horropops for putting on a damn good show. The opening punk band, left alone, from CA USA were also very good.

hopefully simon, who fearless braved the front of the stage, camera in hand, will post some of the excellent pictures he took of the pops and their cute cheerleaders.
overall the night was friendly (montreal seems to be a decent moshpit city), with the notable exception of the pretty, but incredibly drunk lady who offered me a drink she SWORE had “pas de drogues dedans” then proceeded to get into a messy brawl with an unsuspecting fan …hah

club soda is proving to be a lucky charm, as this is also where we all were introduced to the magnificent devotchka last year..
watari tetsuya

Put the lime in the Coconut


I feel like I’ve been on a long, long trip. Like I’ve stepped out at a rest stop after hours and hours on the road…But really, it’s just that I haven’t slept very well over the past week or so and I'm feeling kind of sick-y. So what else is new?

Most important lesson this week: Type four phasers hurt. A lot.
Triple M and I played another challenging round of Starfleet Battles on Monday night. As much as I adore the game, I don’t think I’ve quite got a grip on it yet…heh. It was quite the blaze of glory I went down in…but compared to the epic shenanigans of the week prior, this was but a blur of photons and speed.


Is there anything in the world better than being a geek? I don’t think so.
Thanks to messiahdivine and cloquewerk for ANOTHER great night of booze, baklava and Baker.


The Death Cab for Cutie / Franz
concert, for those interested, was quite awesome! I pulled my best mod* and arrived in time to grab a beer and a decent spot on the floor. While they are unarguably very EMOtive, the boys of Deathcab can fairly rock out. CEPSUM has…<tries to be diplomatic>poor sound quality</ttbd> so much of the nuance (where they’re strongest) just wasn’t there, but the energy was great. Not surprisingly, FranzF was the best thing about the night. They’re amusing to watch and fun to bounce up and down to. *smiles* I thoroughly enjoyed myself. They played most of Big Hits right off the bat, which I thought was an interesting, if dangerous move. But I underestimated the fans, as nearly every
song that followed got the same frenetic reception.
The crowd was a bit dull in character, but then I’m used to seeing a different set of people, I guess…

A pleasant development is the fact that my desire to be in a band has been seriously rekindled. I was waiting for the day when I got my guitar skills up to snuff (as NOBODY but a chosen few will ever hear me sing and drumming is…*breaks out in hysterical laughter* …not my thing) and therefore did not expect to be in one for a loooooooong time. But it dawns on me now: why not play keyboard? I certainly feel confident in that area, but for some reason never really entertained the possibility…It’s certainly not just for grade 5 recitals and cheese!

I’m dying for the chance to collaborate with other like-minded people so we’ll see where this new development leads…classifieds beware!

*This is a good site for classic mod/punk clips (click on “sound”)

//tetsuya out
buck-tick: taboo

Things to do today:

-buy coin-operated boy and related accessories.
-convert to Judaism and buy present for iopha’s Bar mitzvah…
-...where DeVotchka, my new favorite band(!!) will be playing!

Most unexpected quotation of the night:
“There wasn’t enough polka!!”

What a great show.
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