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I’m still not entirely sure where I stand on the subject of Mark Berube and the Patriotic Few, but I have been listening to Yesterday’s Halo on repeat.

Looking forward to hearing the rest of “What the boat gave the river,” when it comes out.

It’s the kind of poetry one tries desperately to write as a teenager and would probably pen with ease at 75, if only you still cared...a lament to optimism.

Taxi driver’s making conversation,
says he was a doctor in Lebanon.
Now he’s got 4 kids and an accent,
and Montreal in February
And he drops us off at the corner,
says, may God be with s always.
Everything has a price, he says,
but you don’t realize
how much some of us have to pay…

And I say, where did it go,
my hometown’s halo.
So I look under the soles of my shoes
You say, yes, yes, yesterday’s
got nothing to lose.
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