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This is a typical, Before I Forget post. (It is not a love song.)

Before I forget, here are some of the things I’ve mentioned lately:

rubythirtythree? These be the Eagles of Death Metal

And here be the Magic Position (by Patrick Wolf)

Random Clips:
These be t'ings what seemed funny to me at 2:0 am...or 4:30 pm after *headdesking* the fight out of my brain...

Techno Viking
He makes his entrance around 00:39...gets kinda creepy around 1:02…and then rocks his cut-offs for the remainder.
It is somewhat of a mystery to me what exactly the point of this video is...but comprehensibility has never, ever been what YouTube is about.

I’ve also been watching a lot of Peewee Herman clips…
During my surfings I found that the theme to Peewee's Playhouse was written and performed by Cindy Lauper(??) I wish I’d been old enough to know how cool that is. At any rate, this was likely my favorite show as a kid, and it was nice to reminisce

about it...

...and Herman, who was a strange, strange man.

A lot of nonsense gets passed around at work, naturally, but some gems emerge.
The following is a short retro skit featuring a Jamaican dubbed Dr. Who episode:

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