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"Demain Wendy..."

I'm drawing again! Wee!

That fact that this deserves an update, though is a little sad. I should be drawing all the time...

Here's the latest rough work for a piece I entitle, 'Tomorrow Wendy'.
If you know the Concrete Blonde song it makes slightly more sense. But not lots.

Main inspiration for this came from something a certain Dr. Laflamme mentioned, a passion for assassins, and a long and abiding love for Duran Duran.

Her name is Rachel. I think.
(Sometimes characters tell me their names, sometimes they don't...sometimes they lie.)
The fact that she looks almost exactly like me with a fro, is a total fucking coincidence. Yup. Mmhmm.

I expect sometime in the distant future I will be uploading the finished product.

Tags: accidental narcissism, art

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