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I just posted several sendspace'm'afied albums to sharealbums, but I know not everyone's on there, so here is a x-post for those interested:

K-OS – Hymns for Disco (zip’d mp3s)
I think this is just as enjoyable as Joyful Rebellion..maaaybe even a little bit more so. At any rate he remains true to his conscious hip-hop roots.

DJ Krush – Stepping Stones: The Self Remixed Best: Lyricism (zip’d mp3s)
Really great collaborative tracks; Mos Def, Malik B, Kan...some in English, others in Japanese.

DJ Krush & Toshinori Kondo - Ki-Oku
If you like the soundtrack to Blade Runner, you'll like this album; drifting trumpet lines over Krush's relaxed beats. Good stuff.

OST - Stranger Than Fiction (zip’d mp3s)
Fairly catchy ST with: Delta 5, Spoon, The Upsetters and Wreckless Eric
Tags: dj krush, dj krush and toshinori kondo, k os, stranger than fiction
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