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Onakaga tsuitteru...

EDITED: Because LJ is too lame for words and cannot handle nested tables..For the win..

J-box, is my kryptonite. Somewhere between the egg-shaped staplers, homages to pedophilia, R2 soy sauce dispensers, and floating poo bath lights (yes. they exist, but I can't find the link anymore), I stop wondering "why??" and start wondering "..why not?"

But today I was on a mission. I've been sick again and haven't been eating much, so I thought I would stockpile a bunch of tasty treats to enjoy when it all blows over.

Where to begin?

With names like Spash(!), Pocari Sweat(!) (does not contain actual sweat), Dr. Bean(!!) and Mushroom Mountain(!) the decision was a tough one.

In the end, I went with one of each of the following:

Mushroom Mountain: Almond and macadamia nut chocolate snacks
Black Black: Caffeinated gum sticks
A bag of Pepper Bacon Cratz
Watering Kiss Mint Gum in Black Berry flavor
and 2 packs of Tsubu Tsubu Hi-chew -- Chocolate Banana Parfait

Only a staggering 12.25 for what I anticipate will be explosion upon explosion of randomized deliciousness.

Reviews to follow, but in the meantime, let me once again profess my undying love for Japan!
Tags: candy, food, haha so crunky!, japan

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