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Pizzilfered from messiahdivine
Comment on this post. I will choose seven user pics from your profile and you will explain what they mean and why you are using them. Post this along with your answers in your own journal so others can play along.

Cropped version of a work I found trapped in the nets. I like that it looks a little bit like a 'sand worm' and I use it for art-y type posts. Honestly, though? Not a favorite..

Hopefully everyone gets that this is ironic. Yanni is just soooo full of New Age hubris that I can't help but love him. Used to express smarm or irony.

Nina Arsenault is ma favorite transsexual. I used to watch her on the Showcase programme, Kink. To me this has a gossipy, dishy kind of feel. And obviously good for anything to do with sex.

Furi Kuri! Haruhara Haruko is an alien. She rides a vespa. She hits people with her guitar. And she's cute! I'm not a huge anime fan, but if I write about cartoons, or peppy happy things, you're likely to see Haruko.

Ahhhh. Samurai Deli. Just plain reminds me of the hilarity of SNL in its heyday. I also really like men in high ponytails, or topknots...Ah, definitely good if I'm feeling cheeky, or irreverent but sometimes if I'm being a little pompous.

Watari Tetsuya is my favorite cult actor from 1960s Japanese cinema. Super famous for his lovable yakuza characters. Has a Zap! Pow! kinda' feeling. Used a lot for movies or cult-ish pop media.

I think I found this by googling "random signs" or some such phrase. I was looking for something that would suit posts about grimy, morally corrupt dystopian futures. Or politics. I also use it for politics.
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