_watchtower_ (_watchtower_) wrote,

I just bought a car!!
He’s beautiful. At least he will be once I get the new paint job done.
And put it together..
And take all the little plastic pieces out of their bags and glue them up...
It's a 1960 Ford Starliner, kinda like this only I think I'm painting it turqoise.

The guy at the hobby shop was impressed that I, a girl, was buying a model car. Annoyingly so, in fact. It’s easy to forget, when 90% of your friends are geeks for something or other, that the general public still thinks Girls like: pink, fashion, chick flicks and feelings; and Boys like: blue, cars, comic books, and tom foolery.

Still, the experience helped me appreciate that things are slowly shifting. It’s getting so you don’t need to gender identify if you don’t want to (or at least you can gender splice). And I think we’re finally accepting that few if any of those archetypal preferences are built in. As a child, I loved my trucks and G.I. Joes just as much as my popples and Barbies...
Tags: cars, gender, models, why are hobby shop guys so creepy?
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