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_watchtower_ goes to the movies!

It’s been a boffo couple of weeks at the theatre: Pan’s Labyrinth last Wed., then Children of Men and Smokin’ Aces a couple of days ago.

As I’ve already said, Pan’s Labyrinth is a must see. It’s beautifully shot, very well acted and the writing makes it shine as both a period piece and believable fairytale. There are some much needed musings on human evil, wonder and hope in that film.

Children of Men didn’t let me down either. It’s a high-adrenaline, politic-y bit of social commentary somewhere between V For Vendetta and 28 days Later. And as realism should be, there’s humor mixed in amongst the spatterings of mud. Oh. And great, great music.

Smokin’ Aces, was less impressive, but not a waste of an evening, either. Piven is awesome as a cracked-out self-centered lounge bastard. The cast of assassins is pretty impressive (pretty hilarious too), and Ryan Reynolds..well, heh, is he ever hard to watch? ;) It was unbalanced, though, and a little too abrupt in parts. Not as good as I was hoping it would be..

Laaaastly, the trailer for The Hills Have Eyes 2 is out and has been haunting me with that creepy post-country tune, which I just found out is Insect Eyes by Devendra Barnhart.

Here it is. Enjoy.
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