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Festivus Octoberibus!

Thought I’d mention that the rommie and I are having a party this Friday. Part housewarming, part tiger.

I sent out an evite earlier this week, but if you know me and you’re reading this thinking, hey, I should’ve been invited, well, yup, you probably should’ve been, but fell through the cracks known as I Don’t Have Your Email Address.

Remedy this yourselves by just showing up! Call/Email me for my street address.

Any time after 7:30 is fair game. There’ll be beer, wine and snackary, but you’ll probably want to bring extra drinks.

Oh. And be warned. While most of my apt. is quite harmless, looking directly at the tile in the kitchen has been known to cause dementia and blindness..Just FYI ^_^

T'will be delightful to see you all!
Tags: dementia, parties, tigers
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