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Mp3 Munday

Good Monday to you all!

Five years ago, the musical mega-corp Clear Channel allegedly compiled a list of songs deemed unfit to play on the tender post IX/XI airwaves*. At the time I found it ludicrous and more than a little troubling. This year, as the anniversary approached, the idea occured to me to compile a selection exclusively from that blacklist.

And so, in a move driven by pure and unadulterated cheek, here it is.

Hopefully, with 5 years worth of perspective you can appreciate the hilarity of this fine roster of no-nos.

..And, if you're really, really lucky, it'll help you love freedom. ;p

_watchtower_'s List of...

Music To Love Freedom By:

Disco Inferno: The Trammps
Chop Suey: System Of A Down
Wipeout: The Surfaris
Rocket Man: Elton John
Hey Man Nice Shot: Filter
Walk Like an Egyptian: The Bangles
Dead Mans Party: Oingo Boingo
Seek and Destroy: Metallica
Jump: Van Halen
War Pigs: Black Sabbath
Left Behind Full: Slipknot
Devil In Disguise: Elvis Presley
Bodies: Drowning Pool
Bits And Pieces: Dave Clark Five
Wake Up: Rage Against The Machine
A quick note about the selection process: Rage Against the Machine had the illustrious honor of having EVERY SINGLE SONG banished into the wilds insensitivity land.. Therefore, I chose whatever I felt like.

*technically speaking, a recommendation, not a ban.

All songs available at gmail: Mp3Munday / password: 1forall!
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