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Old School in so many ways.

Aw, shite. Just when I actually have things to get done, along comes The Kingdome of Loathing...

I am Tharquad of Shroo, a Disco Bandit.

Here's election from my latest adventure:

Don't Mess with the Bull...
As you round a bend in a corridor in Noob Cave, you encounter an angry-looking ogre standing next to a pile of skulls. One at a time, he picks up the skulls and cracks them with a hammer, before throwing them back into the pile.
All of a sudden, he turns in your direction, grunting "What's that ruckus?" You briefly consider asking him to describe the ruckus, but decide instead that discretion is the better part of not getting your skull cracked. You climb up through the acoustical tiling and start making your way back toward the entrance of the cave.
On the way, you start making up a joke about a cave with acoustical tiling, but you don't quite make it to the punchline before you lose interest.
You pat yourself on the back for having made such a smooth escape.

Ring any bells?
Tags: 80's, gaming
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