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We salute you, young Olympian!

Well, thanks to the warmer temps., the game seems to be over:

Final Score:

Celia: 1, Ice: 0

But just barely. Seriously, it could have gone either way. Where the $%#@ was the salt man?!! (And don't give me that, "We put it down, but it blew away" crap.) Hey, Cityworks! NaCl Check it out!

The hunt for an apartment is on. We're seeing a few this week and hopefully have started early enough to buy ourselves some leisure time. I have pretty high hopes and am notoriously picky when it comes to stuff like this. But I'm exceited beyond belief for I can finally say goodbye to fosilized animal carcasses and abandoned bundles of refuse in the stairwell! Huzzah!

Hopefully, lower NDG will offer us something good.

In other news: "Small Child Mauled By Bear. Cries."


Also, I have uploaded some of the pics I'm going to be submitting next week by way of a portfolio application. Finally got my bum in gear and thought you might like to see what I've been whining about.

LJ is being it's usual bitchy self, so I can't seem to link to them here, but you can check them out in my gallery...
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