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I was going to write a bitter post entitled, "Things I hate about living with ***," but I decided I don't feel that negative today, so I'll submit a summary of "Things I loved about this past week."

Started off with a great second New Year's with dawnrosemaryx at Andrew's. Playing all the old doowop we could find on the jukebox and being more successfully creative than I have been in months.
An awesome trip to Eva B followed MUCH later the next day.

Watch out! I am heavily into the 50's right now...

I then went home from Mon. to Wed. and was reminded of how much (and why) I love my parents.

Actual conversation:

Me: There's this movie I borrowed from Jessie, I think I might watch. It's by Sam Raimi.
Dad: I saw a movie once, I think it was by Raimi, about a man who had a normal life and job, but then suddenly wakes up in the past...
Me: Was it Army of Darkness?
Dad: ...and has to battle monsters.
Me: That sounds like Army of Darkness.
Dad: I think it might have been called Army of Darkness.
Me: (hesitantly) And did you like it?
Dad: Yes! I was surprised; I liked it a lot.

We then proceeded to watch Bruce Campbell kick dead-ite ass. I love my dad. This experience was second only to our Battlestar Galactica marathons.

We also watched, The Wrong Guy with Dave Foley and half the rest of Canada (and which I highly recommend).

Then mum and I spent the following day wandering around St. Annes, shopping and drinking tea. Many humorous, revealing stories were exchanged. She once dated the brother of The Pointer Sisters!! (In fact she was with him the night she met my dad...)

Happy moments used to evoke unbearable saddness in me. Someow this doesn't happen anymore and I'm just enjoying things as they are..

Even this beer that's almost too warm to drink...

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