October 17th, 2008

buck-tick: taboo

By Grabthar's Hammer...

When I was about 16, I found an image online that I really liked. I copied it to my hardrive, lamented the fact that it was called "3428261.jpg" or some such, and moved on with my life. I never lost the desire to know what it was called, or who had painted it, though. I filed it away in the same folder in my mind that I use for the various and sundry minor mysteries that collect over time.

10 years later...

...Turns out it's a Michael Whelan.

Destiny's Road, 1991

Considering the ridiculous vastness of cyberspace it's not surprising that these coincidences don't happen more often. Still, thanks to the interwebs, the folder has been nearly empty for a while. Just two three items left, really, and I certainly haven't given up hope:

1. A piece of music I heard while shopping in the basement of Eaton's (I think it was also in Blade)
2. A movie with a fabulous ending quote, kinda like the one in Raising Arizona.
3. A piece of music played as we filed out of the Sigur Ros show this past Sept. Peppy and islandy like the bit at the end of True Romance.

*shakes the wubs in her palms and rolls*