June 30th, 2008

Tom Waits: Inatree

"Every rose must have it's thorn..."

OK. First the bad news:

With the help of Greyhound, I managed to lose one of my bags en route from Columbus to Buffalo...
All told, about 1/2 of my heavy rotation clothes are gone, probably forever.

(both black summer dresses, my black hoodie, a couple of dressy tops, the white jean skirt I recently decided was totally fierce, all my Palmer Cash t-shirts, my teal Jacob sweater and much of my nice underwear...oh, and the Glitter and Doom tee I bought at the concert on Sat.)

Oh, poo. And my phone charger too...


According to the people in Buffalo, my bag should still have been in Columbus. According to Columbus, it's not there and may or may not end up at the lost baggage depot in Dallas..Texas..2-4 weeks from now. Given the care with which it seems many Greyhound employees carry out their jobs...I'm not super optimistic.

It could have been much worse, though and I'm glad, glad, glad I kept all of my electronics and jewelry etc. with me on the bus at all times...And really, clothes are some of the most replaceable things we own.

Anyone want to go shopping this week? Sigh.

Also? Totally not true.