May 27th, 2008

hard. core.

Films by people who make films, for people who enjoy watching them

I've been trolling the Apple Trailers site recently and it looks like there are some interesting movies making their way towards us.

For the fantasy buff:
1. At the top of my list is The Fall which looks like it will be somewhere between Titus and Baraka. Lee Pace (The Piemaker from Pushing Daisies) plays a wounded stuntman who befriends a little girl while in the hospital. The magnificent tale of adventure he tells her bleeds into reality when it turns out it's a ploy to get her to end his life. Or so it seems...

There are some absolutely beautiful, surreal images on the website.

For the neurotic music enthusiast:
2. Every time I watch the trailer to Four Minutes I feel a woosh of emotion. Maybe the film won't sustain it throughout, but I like the energy. Music, murder, madness, nazis...I think it should be an interesting ride.

For thrill(er) seekers:
3. Mother of Tears might be interesting too. I giggle a little bit when a movie about witches takes itself seriously, but..this might just be creepy.

For people who sometimes like to laugh:
4. This just looks funny. Plus I think I'll get off on watching Steve Coogan hide his British accent.

I will also be keeping an eye out for Glass (yes, as in Philip*), Water Lilies, and Tropic Thunder (yup, that's Robert Downey Jr. in blackface...*whispering* aaawesome).

*In case you don't watch the trailer, there is a hilarious (well, if you know his music) joke at the end:

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