May 1st, 2008

buck-tick: taboo


There's an À Louer, 4 1/2 sign in front of my building.

Assuming that my landlord isn't being the most passive aggressive person alive, that means my upstairs neighbors are moving out....

Wondering: Should I inquire about moving up there? My lease in this apt. has already been renewed, but as most of you know, I hatehatehate living below people. Especially people with rottweiler-pittbull mixes. Who listen to boom-boom music and do laundry at 1:30 am.


EDIT: It looks good! When people call, he'll say that both are for rent, but the one upstairs has no fridge/stove. However, if I moved up there, the current tenants might leave those appliances there for me. And I must also try and find someone to take my apt...

But, it's worth it.

Oh so worth it. CL, here I come!

CL, here I am!