January 8th, 2008

57 channels

The things you learn when you're sick...

Tonight, at 9:00 on CBC they're showing some kind of adaptation of JPod the latest Douglas Coupland novel. Sooooo I don't know whether this is an advertisement or a warning, but...now you know.

So I watched it. It wasn't terrible, but by no means was it good, either.
It was decidedly, 'meh,' which for a Douglas Coupland-backed project is not acceptable. It's very faithful to the plot points of Jpod, le livre, but it lacked the heart. Hmm, no 'heart' isn't the right word, Jpod didn't have a heart, exactly. It had a chewy nuggat-y center. It lacked that.
For one, the actors, are far too normal and optimistic to be the Jpod-ers I came to know and like (ish) in the book. And in my opinion they therefore fail to imbue the series with the appropriate sense of absurdity. Also missing is much of the obsession with consumerism/media that virtually defined the book. Every now and again a scene transition will be accompanied by a product placement of sorts, but for a series that could be truly groundbreaking, or at least interesting to watch from a visual/artistic standpoint, that ain't nearly good enough.
Not to mention, as I complained in the comments, it reeks of CBC.
Overall, I wasn't offended, but I was very disappointed and I wouldn't bother tuning in again, unless I don't have much else to do.

//_watchtower_ product rating: whatever/5