_watchtower_ (_watchtower_) wrote,

I'm not in the business, I am the business.

I've recently decided to embrace the fact that I am an action figure collector*. So I was thrilled when I found the following deal online, and thought I would share it, in case someone else is in the market for the

Hot Toys: The Dark Knight: 1/6 Joker

He's so articulated! There is another bank robber model, but I like the expression on this one. I've seen the price range up to 189.00, so I'm pleased as punch. If still a little sheepish...

Next on the wish list:


I'd love to know what other people are coveting!

Oh, and it turns out that the internet also sells the coolest umbrellas on the planet. I love it because it's reminiscent of the umbrellas from Blade Runner but incorporates, perhaps unintentionally, some of the wardrobe styling of said film (think: Zhora crashing through panes of glass in a see-through raincoat..). Ordered one for M and I each.

*Thanks to the book, Turn Costly Behavioral Patterns into Satisfying Hobbies: The Road to Freedom**
**Not a real book, but I bet I could hash it out in short order.
Tags: action figures, blade runner, shit n stuff
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