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I'm Bored at Work: The Quizz!*

*Not to be confused with "I'm Bored at Work: The Musical!"

1. Groundhog Day
Which year would you choose to live over and over and over again?

2. Death Match
Who would win a brutal fight to the death:
Barney the Dinosaur or Polkaroo?
Yoda or Gandalf?
The Bride or Ichi the Killer?

3. Stranded
Marooned indefinitely on a desert island, who would you choose as your only companion:
Captain Kirk or Captain Picard?
John Cusack or Dylan Moran?
Tonari no Totoro or Optimus Prime

4. Oh, shit...
The Apocalypse has come, one hero will save the day (..ish). Who would you rather face doom with:
Mad Max or Tank Girl?
Lilu or River?
Sigourney Weaver or Bruce Willis?

5. Thursday at Maz
You are drunk. It is Karaoke tiem:
Afternoon Delight or Get It On?
Hangin' Tough or Hammer Time
Bed of Roses or I would do Anything For Love (But I Won't Do That)

Tags: quizez, the more you know
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