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Alien She

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Bye. [Thursday
June 30, at 2:57pm]
This is going to sound so crazy, but whatever. After Eric and I broke up I prayed and prayed and prayed that God would give me a sign as to what I should do, because at that point I wasn't really sure of what my decision was. Then last night when I stayed the night at Meg's I realized that Eric breaking up with me WAS a sign. I really do need to change my life. When I was in Alabama my whole family was so centered around our religious beliefs and morals that I felt so sure of myself. I remember being so happy then. I also started thinking about how lost I've felt for the past four years while I was in Virginia. So I called my dad a few minutes ago and asked him his opinion on this, because he's one of the few people I can completely trust to help out right now. He told me he completely agrees with what Eric did, and that he's happy that I'm finally trying to find myself and get back on track. He also brought up that usually in relationships the man is the spiritual leader of the home, and the woman is there to guide and help him along. So yeah. I've been cleaning out my room for the past hour of things that I don't want to be around anymore, and I've told Mrs. Opfer that I can't be in GSA next year. I gave my position as president to Amber and hopefuly Mrs. O will let me be president of Art Club instead. I'm really sorry to those of my friends that I have to give up in order to do this, but I just know that this is the right thing. My dad reminded me that it might feel tough at first and that it may seem like I'm giving sooooo much up, but in return the feeling that I'll get when I finally get back on track will be so rewarding. I'll find so much hapiness once I get away from these things that are pulling me down.

I'm also getting rid of this livejournal just because it has so much shit in it I don't want to deal with anymore, but I've made a new one. I'm not sure about which of you on here would like to continue to be my friends or not so just comment let me know or something.

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March 8, at 11:40pm]
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March 16, at 9:36pm]
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