To days of inspiration....

The opposite of war isn't peace, it's creation

Jumanji ;-)
22 March
I am a LiveJournal fiend, mainly because it assists my procrastinating habits. Same with Facebook, although that addiction is a recent development. I enjoy jam sessions, especially ones that include random harmonies and lounging on a piano. I used to bite my nails, and even though I try not to anymore, I find myself falling into the old habit. I'm starting to see the perks of being short. My hands shake involuntarily, and my legs are constantly bouncing. I prefer email to AIM or even phone calls. Getting mail can make my day. Sometimes I wish I were a poet. I live for bearhugs. Oreos and Peanutbutter, Mac & Cheese with peas, and pizza with pineapples - don't try to deny it. Acting kinda sucks, but singing and dancing on stage make up for it. Staplers can be scary. So can clowns. And so can little kids. Bugs are most definitely ALWAYS scary, especially if they're particularly gross-looking. Rollercoasters are fantastic. Stargazing is a wonderful way to spend an evening. I dig rocking chairs. Horror movies don't sit well with me. If you've quoted Harry Potter in a regular conversation, I'm officially your best friend. I love ultimate frisbee and gym volleyball, and speedball is starting to grow on me. Procrastinating is a bad habit, but one I indulge in anyway. I get stressed pretty easily, and can get rather annoying about it, but I shut up when I'm told to. I'm a lot louder and weirder (*coughUNIQUEcough*) than I come off at first. Most of the time, I don't dislike band quite as much as I let on, but I definitely have my bandie rage days. I kind of wish I was more like my sister. Inside jokes are freaking amazing. So are really random songs that make me want to get up and break it down. I'm one of those people who keeps a running commentary during movies as I watch them. Dippin' Dots are IT.