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whatever you want. i'll give it to you. but you're gonna have to ask((me((

10 November
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1950s, 20s, 40s, a clockwork orange, androgyny, anticipation, antique salt shakers, art, avocados, awkwardness, ballet toe shoes, balloons, beach, beads, bellydancing, billie holiday, black and white photography, bob dylan, brightness, buddhism, buttons, cello, chai, challenges, childhood memories, cinema paradiso, clouds, coffee, colorful paperclips, communes, conch shells, corsets, crazy hair, creole, crocheting, dance, dancing, dark room, datura, david bowie, deep eyes, deep thoughs, depersonalization, difficult classes, donnie darko, drawing stars, earl grey, eh-oo-eehhhh, elephants, england, equality, euphoria, existentialism, exoticism, eyes, finding myself, finnigan, flamenco, french, fresh air, fynn, genius, glasses, glowing, glowing nightwaves, glowsticks, green, green tea, gypsies, harmonicas, hats, hemp, hinduism, hippies, hopeless romantics, ice cream, incense, india, indian food and fabric, indian music, inhaling your scent, intense moments, irony, juicy, kissing, kissing in the dark, left hands, long hugs, louisiana, love, male minds, marijuana, music, nerdboys, nostalgia, old glass doorknobs, orchestra, paint, patience, photography, pica, piercings, poetry, polka dots, rain, rainbows, realization, retirement homes, ribbons, rocky horror, rolley polley sailor, rosy cheeks, sea creatures, sepia tone, sequins, sex, shyness, sock puppets, socks, spiderman sheets, spooning, starfish, stripes, sui generis, summer romance, surrealism, talent, tamborines, tangerines, the smell after rain, tin foil, transvestites, ultimate happiness, under garments, unsure sexuality, vanity, venice pier, vibrance, walkers, wallace and gromit, warm skin, white water, writing, youth, zebras