N/A (_vitaly) wrote,

атакуй - нє атакуй...

Стаття та коментарі про вчорашню атаку на твіттер, ЖЖ та інші сайти:

"Well cyxymu became a celebrity in one day. Since i only have three followers, I start thinking of attacking myself in twitter to probably gain some more."

"Now this proofs how useless ddos works for political reasons. Now everyone will want to know what he was blogging about, hey I just went into the wikipedia article to fresh up on the issue. Trying to shut him up you made it a celebrity, congrats."

"Wow. The irony being that now many of us who had never heard of cyxymu are going to be paying closer attention to his voice and what he is saying.
Killed Twitter AND had the opposite of the desired effect... wonder what the originator of the DDoS is thinking of that result."

Як то кажуть, якщо ваші опоненти - ідіоти, то це надовго :)
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