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777-й псот

Microsoft is rumored to be readying a $100 million ad campaign to promote Kiev.

"Київ" в даному випадку - це кодова назва нової версії пошукової системи від Microsoft. Попередня версія мала назву "Рим".

І ще трохи про силу бренда:
During regular “blind taste tests,” in which Microsoft asks randomly-selected consumers to score the quality of results from various Internet search engines, the quality of Microsoft’s search results have so improved that people can’t tell the difference between Microsoft and Google search results, says Mr. Mehdi, senior vice president of Microsoft’s online audience business group. But when Microsoft slaps the Google brand name on the results from Microsoft’s own search engine during another portion of its tests, users invariably score them highest.
“Just by putting the name up, people think it’s more relevant,” he says.
Mr. Mehdi discussed the Google “brand pop” and other hurdles for Microsoft on Tuesday in an interview in his office in a verdant patch of Microsoft’s campus in the Seattle suburbs. The interview was part of a plan to begin talking more publicly about its Internet search business prior to a re-launch of its search engine in the coming months–a project that bears the code-name Kiev.

А ще кажуть, сучасні споживачі не лояльні до брендів.
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