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25 December 2010 @ 07:28 pm
I don't update here anymore.

I'm in the process of change. Amsterdam has been really good for me. Met new friends, new loves, new inspirations. Lost my cat, my inhibitions, my hurt. I returned to Singapore, crying.

But I'm glad I did this. And I believe I will return to this beautiful city very soon.

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06 September 2010 @ 11:43 am

i share your space, i cut your hair.
you cook for me. we walk the streets in your neighbourhood, i meet the people you hang out with and talk to everyday. i draw your friend. your friend teaches me about traditional music. we eat the food born out of your land. the spices you put in all the dishes you cook, everything laced with a similar distinct taste. the things i see, more than any tourist would have seen. the things i've seen, more than anything i'd ever ask for. the things i know, the things i do not know. the one word you taught me "ekmek". the one word that proved everything was a lie, "bebeğim". the vicious mosquito marks on my thighs, an adventure not led. the paper boats i folded. the films we watched. the english i taught. the recordings of the music you played. the side of the couch i've occupied. the letter not sent.

i understand, it all boils down to this.

and i will get on the road again.

✈ Amsterdam Sept 8th -> Dec 3rd
17 August 2010 @ 01:30 pm



I'm trying to earn some money to survive in my 3 months in the netherlands. I'll be doing A5 ink drawings (or whatever size you want, maximum A5 size) for 40 USD (overseas buyers) / 40 SGD (local buyers) per piece. Both prices include registered shipping.

Basically just email me, leeshuxian@gmail.com with your details (name, address) and whatever you want me to draw (no limits), and your choice of coloured pastel paper (olive, light grey, peach, sap green, dark grey, mustard yellow) or normal white drawing block paper. I'll email you back with paypal details.

To ensure that you're satisfied with your drawing, you just have to deposit 20 USD/SGD first, I'll do the drawing, then I'll send you a soft copy, and if you're pleased with it, you can pay the remaining 20 USD/SGD, and I'll have it shipped to you by the end of the week. Because of the lack of time, I can only make changes once, and please, not unreasonable ones.

I'm not trying to make big bucks out of this, just trying to fill my stomach and maybe go for a gig or two. Please spread the word and help me out! Thank you so much! xie xie! danke!

PS, I'll only be doing this till 5th September!