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Writer's Block: Reconsidering Children's Books   
02:21pm 18/10/2008
Have you ever gone back and re-read a book you loved as a child only to find it incredibly disturbing now that you're an adult? Like The Giving Tree, for example: a terrifying tale of self-sacrifice or a reassuring story of maternal love?

I actually found The Giving Tree very sad and disturbing even as a child. I think I was about six when we read it in first grade. That and I was nearly traumatized to death by Puff, The Magic Dragon.
05:27pm 02/11/2006
What American accent do you have?
Your Result: The Midland

"You have a Midland accent" is just another way of saying "you don't have an accent." You probably are from the Midland (Pennsylvania, southern Ohio, southern Indiana, southern Illinois, and Missouri) but then for all we know you could be from Florida or Charleston or one of those big southern cities like Atlanta or Dallas. You have a good voice for TV and radio.

The Inland North
The South
The West
The Northeast
North Central
What American accent do you have?
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Odd. Also, I most definitely do NOT have a Southern accent.
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most fuckable   
07:53pm 16/09/2006
mood: amused

I'd hit it.

(No, not really, I'm not a zoophile weirdo.)

09:13pm 08/09/2006


That is all. Thanks.

uh-ohs we's in trouble now   
02:13pm 24/08/2006
mood: have to pee
The FDA approved the "Morning After" pill for over-the-counter sales to women 18+!


...but Pluto is no longer a planet=(

So many elementary school models will have to be burnt.


MSNBC giveth, and MSNBC taketh away.
lul u want mine, lolz?!   
07:01pm 22/08/2006
  Welcome to Deviant Art: Home of the Talentless Weird Assholes.


I crack me up.
07:25pm 20/07/2006
  Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Dragonflies at Forest HillCollapse )
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08:42pm 05/06/2006
mood: okay
Feeling annoyed, I ripped open the envelope from the photographers that were at my graduation, expecting to find a god-awful proof that made me look fat as all hell. Much to my surprise one was GOOD. So good I ordered $20 worth of photos. Just 1 5x7 and 8 wallets (did I mention I'm going to illegally copy the 5x7 at work? No? Well I am), to give to family and friends.

Finally a picture where I don't look like a manatee.
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10:21am 04/05/2006
  I have realized I am either an effing genius, or a fraudulent retard. I read three papers I wrote in my first semseter of college, and honestly... not that much different. You'd think I would have become a better writer after four years of being an English major. OK, two of them had weak thesi, one really didn't have one at all, but one paper was exactly like I write now. It was a damn nice little paper.

Thanks, college. I needed to spend $20,000 so you could tell me I'm a good writer.

In any case, I have to go write my second-to-last college paper!


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buy t-shirts!   
02:00pm 20/03/2006
  This place has some quirky t-shirts, and they're on sale for only $10 (regularly a bargain at $15) until Wednesday! Sweet.

Put "Super Tees" as a coupon code in, and get an additional $3 off your entire order.

http://www.threadless.com/?streetteam=dj_gwen (opens in new window, or C&P addy into browser window)

Yeah, if you use that link and buy somethin, I get a little store credit^_^ Help a nilla out!

Apologies to MySpace people who had to see this twice=)
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11:27pm 11/03/2006
  natalie dee knows where it's at  
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take that.   
12:53am 04/03/2006

You fit in with:

Your ideals are mostly spiritual, but in an individualistic way. While spirituality is very important in your life, organized religion itself may not be for you. It is best for you to seek these things on your own terms.

40% spiritual.
40% reason-oriented.

Take this quiz at QuizGalaxy.com
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well i am pretty motherf*cking logical   
12:49am 04/03/2006
mood: hating popups
<td align="center">
Ancient Greek Ethics

Aristotle's Golden Mean is the principal of this ethical school of thought. Essentially everyone must find balance in ethical decisions. Since it is often difficult to come to a decision one way or the other, Aristotle suggests comprimising between two extremes and doing what would fall into 'the Golden Mean' in the situation.

<table width="300" style="border: 1px solid grey;">
How you scored, compared to others taking this quiz:
Other Quiz Takers
Kantian Ethics
Ethical Egoism
Ancient Greek Ethics

'What ethical system do you fit in with?' at QuizGalaxy.com</td></table>
01:29am 27/02/2006

Penny Arcade: http://www.penny-arcade.com

Eat all the grass. Eat all the grass that you want. Accidents happen in the dark.
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don't party till you puke   
12:05am 22/02/2006
  Happy Birthday shallow_promise!!!

Much love!
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08:16pm 01/01/2006
  "I just wanna be skinny like the Friends. WHY CAN'T I BE SKINNY LIKE THE FRIENDS!?!?!?!" - Margaret Cho


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f*ck yo sleigh Santa!   
03:08pm 30/12/2005

Oh Great Cthulhu!

I have been an extremely diligent devotee this year.

In January, I legally changed my name to Randolph Carter (-40 points). In July, I burnt my copy of the Necronomicon (-75 points). Yesterday, I rammed a ship into you (sorry Cthulhu!) (-1000 points). In September, I recruited [info]nerdcorebrigade as a new cultist (30 points). In February, I exposed [info]billabongboi to soul-rending horrors (250 points). Last week, I sacrificed [info]kittydoom to Cthulhu (500 points).

In short, I have been very bad (-335 points) and deserve to be fed to the ghouls.

Your humble and obedient servant,

Submit your own plea to Cthulhu!

Name some friends or leave them blank and let me look them up myself:
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12:40am 12/12/2005
LiveJournal Haiku!
Your name:_vitabrevis_
Your haiku:in a way that is
part morbid part chaotic.i'm
sure your music is
Created by Grahame
time for some depressing music - british 80's stylie!   
12:54am 06/12/2005
  There’s a club, if you’d like to go
You could meet somebody who really loves you
So you go, and you stand on your own
And you leave on your own
And you go home, and you cry
And you want to die.

When you say it’s gonna happen now
Well, when exactly do you mean?
See, I’ve already waited too long
And all my hope is gone.

You shut your mouth
How can you say
I go about things the wrong way?
I am human and I need to be loved
Just like everybody else does.

That's almost emo...

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11:47pm 22/09/2005

There's 52 ways to murder anyone
One or two are the same
And they both work as well
I'm coming clean for Amy
Julie doesn't scream as well
And the cops won't listen all night
And so maybe, maybe I'll be over
Just as soon as I fill them all in.

And I can remember when I saw her last
We were running all around and having a blast
But the back seat of the drive-in
Is so lonely without you
I know when you're home
I was thinking about you
There was was something I forgot to say
I was crying on a Saturday night
I was out cruising without you
They were playing our song
Crying on Saturday night.

As the moon becomes the night time
You go viciously, quietly away
I'm sitting in the bedroom
Where we used to sit and smoke cigarettes
Now I'm watching, watching you die.

I can remember when I saw her last
We were running all around and having a blast
But the back seat of the drive-in
Is so lonely without you
I know when you're home
I was thinking about you
There was was something I forgot to say
I was crying on a Saturday night
I was out cruising without you
They were playing our song
Crying on Saturday night.

- Misfits "Saturday Night"

Yay Kat for visiting me! Pimps for Lyfe!