i, mollie. (_visivo) wrote,
i, mollie.


Ya, it calls for a new one, babes.

makes-me-happy two-thousand six:

˙nice kitchens with nice appliances and nicely painted walls
˙knee socks
˙tshirt dresses
˙a nice big sweet potato
˙lush (not even a guilty pleasure anymore well maybe a little)
˙being able to return calls!
˙excercise, momentarily
˙being sixteen stories in the air looking down at san francisco, because san francisco makes me feel so small all the time, geez
˙vanillaalmondblack tea, calming teas, gingerpeachblack tea
˙respect/respectfulness/feeling equal
˙good conversations
˙nice baths
˙good photos
˙the movie Shower
˙friends (I need more, see makes-me-pissed-at-myself #5)
˙the idea of living comfortably and happy, and with someone I love and that loves me
˙feelings of accomplishment (which don't come often these days)

makes me pissed at myself:

˙nervousness over returning calls wtf!
˙is baking really so cool that i want to go to school for it

…like, really?
˙i am terrible at keeping in touch with people
˙how SERIOUSLY easily annoyed I am
˙I should drink less caffeine but I am a slut
˙_______ for no reason
˙not being able to say what I really want to say
˙not doing what I really know is right. I know I should. Fuck.
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