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Okay, I'll admit it.

I have and internet crush. YES it's true... I am smitten with pim! A fellow type-padder that writes a mostly-food blog, Chez Pim. I crush, mostly because I envy her über-foodie lifestyle (she's not even employed! and she eats at French Laundry and goes to France and eats fancy French food!) but also because of this entry. I found someone as obsessively passionate about loose leaf tea as myself. I do confess to drink the occasional bag though. Convenience. :\

Oh, and she also provides nice photos, to supplement the written bits.

End confession.


Also, to demostrate my craftiness (umm yes):

I made this buckwheat pillow for bee's grandma, because she is cute and her birthday is on Thanksgiving. What a good excuse to use an expensive piece of fabric!

Being that I am ever-infatuated with Liberty fabrics, even a little (nine-dollar) fat quarter of the stuff excites me (textiley speaking). The best place to get fabric, period, in Marin county is ambatalia in mill valley. The owner is even a Moll(y), and has a fancy last name to boot. I like her but I like the fabric she carries more. Oooo.

The pillow's lightly scented with lavender and calendula ( I like that shit ) and is made up of a bit (7" x 15") of muslin (which holds the buckwheat) and has a little slipcase of 'tomato'-print liberty. It's actually teeny flowers but brendan insists on the tomato thing. So she can wash the slipcase! And you can heat it up to help with your arthritic parts. Hahahah I have such sympathy for the elderly.

And clearly, I am a genius.

Oh also! Everyone should have a few Bio-Masks by LUSH. I'm a convert :\ -- the Crash Course in Skincare is awesome.
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