i, mollie. (_visivo) wrote,
i, mollie.

✍ I hope y'all ladies and menz are voting tomorrow.

If you have no idea, check out this schmutz.

☁ I vote at the Tamalpais. Lucky thing. It's very swank, Lots of faux gold chandelier action. Father has a room reserved for when he is rendered useless elsewhere.

★ Earl grey with lavender is growing on me. Usually don't like earthy things. Things that taste like dirt. But when you add sugar or honey, anything can be palatable!

➴ I wish I possessed greater amounts of smart (intelligence). Seriously.

✁ I wish I were the kind of person that was accidentally, always cute. Just... I do. I mean, I don't want to pretend to be that way, I just wish I was.

☃ I wish I had more confidence and faith in myself, because then I would probably not make so many wish lists.

☠ The best thing about processing film is squeegee-ing. With your fingers… it feels like whoooooosh.

❧ My arms are way to short to do 35mm though. Another reason why 2¼ is almost god-like.

≠ I worked for a long time today and now my hands smell like ink and chemicals.

* I'm reading Memories of my Melancholy Whores right now
(only during trips to Book passage because I am c h e a p. I can't decide if I like the cover more that the book. Probably.

º Joes jeans make my ass look really good. :\ I promise to never say that again.

• It would be cool to work at Paxton Gate that weird store next to the pirate store on Valencia, because being surrounded by bizarre objects would mean oohing and ahhhing all day and that's fun!

I found this slut in my laundry room. I 'caught' her, but really I can't even claim that much
because she was so pregnant that she could barely move, so I coaxed her in a jar. Then she had eight million babies.

I never figured out what the fuck this is. What the fuck is this???? I mean, bone, duh. But…?

Also, there is no doubt in my mind that we would have the cutest offspring ever, simply because Brendan is and was dreamy.

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