i, mollie. (_visivo) wrote,
i, mollie.


Today I learned:

• That you shouldn't try to drive and eat bits of cabbage simultaneously (don't ask)

• That I make good soup!

• That I secretly covet my bosses family's lifestyle (hi we are rich)

• That I publicly covet my coworker's home (see below)

SOOO cute. I love the colors and the furniture and the fact that they have a 'washroom' outside, next to the kitchen. And Vili is cute but sometimes pees in his favorite chair :(
I don't know that posting photos of his house all over the interweb is the best idea!

Hairs. ( levels fucked with since you could not see length in orig) It is not so squished against my head usually. The misty Monterey air made arranged it thusly.
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